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Aneurysm Surgery

Aneurysm surgery can include aneurysm clipping (putting a clip or clamp to seal off the weakened aneurysm bubble, so it doesn’t rupture or bleed in the future) or aneurysm coiling. Our goal in treatment is to choose the safest, most appropriate method. For unruptured aneurysms which are small and not causing symptoms, we many times observe these over time using tests such as MR angiogram to look for size increase. If aneurysms have ruptured, are large and causing symptoms, either clipping or coiling can be options. To date, numerous brain aneuryms have been successfully treated with people living essentially normal lives. Given the risks with aneurysm rupture (see "Conditions Treated" section), proper treatment for those surviving after initial rupture is the key.

Last Modified: February 10, 2014

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