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Baclofen Pumps

Intrathecal baclofen pumps (ITP) involve two main parts – a thin tube or catheter which inserts into the spinal fluid, connected to a pump (generator/battery) at the side of the abdomen. Baclofen medicine (and in some cases, pain medicine such as morphine) is slowly infused through the pump, and the pump can be filled/refilled and rate adjusted through the skin (similar to a pacemaker). The procedure generally requires about 30 minutes, is an outpatient procedure, and adjustments/refills are done by a neurologist or physiatrist (who also does a trial prior to implantation, to see if this procedure is worth a likely benefit). We are one of the few practices in the region to offer this procedure, used to treat spasticity (jerking movements resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury, traumatic spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and other conditions).

Last Modified: February 9, 2010

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