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Community Outreach

Our History
ReVitalize Philanthropic Foundation for Medical Disorders was founded in August 2006, and achieved 501 (c) (3) status in December, 2006.  

Our Mission
To educate, support, and facilitate medical care for those suffering from medical disorders.

Our Focus

ReVitalize focuses on education, support and facilitation for community members regarding any specific medical disorder of interest.  This ranges from the more common to rare disorders.   Information is sought on an as-needed basis and delivered in accordance with the Foundation's mission.

Our Accomplishments
Accomplishments since its inception include but not limited to:  (1) facilitated medical care for rare disorders for underprivileged/undereducated and other clients (including a case of spasmodic dysphonia, which allowed a person to talk who had exhausted all available options, along with others); (2) assisted numerous individuals attain information on various medical disorders; (3) collaborated with  local hospitals/clinics, including those in underprivileged neighborhoods, as well as national hospitals  to facilitate care for individuals; (4) In 2007 ReVitalize provided a community-wide Health Information &  Clinical Trials Expo, with nationally-known inspirational speakers, along with educational information on hundreds of Clinical Research Studies provided in our community.  Over 500 persons benefited from this event; (5) held informative and group meetings for various medical disorders, and directed clients to available support groups; (6) arranged and participated in community health fairs to educate citizens on available healthcare options; (7) provide medical speakers for various community groups, upon request. (8) For 2008-2009, the organization secured private contributions to underwrite an event with Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest.  At the event new technology to help the blind see was showcased.  Also, ReVitalize was successful in implementing Weihenmayer’s educational curriculum in Caddo and Bossier high schools.  The curriculum is used to develop self-esteem, and address literacy, geography and physical education and reached over 2,500 9th grade students.

Our Service
Shreveport has several major hospital systems, clinics and educational resources.  However, many who suffer from medical problems are uninformed, lack access to care, or simply do not know what to ask.  While free clinics are overflowing with patients, physicians are limited in time to explain disorders and care.  For rare disorders, those who are not medically knowledgeable and get a final answer that “no medical care is available for your problem”, Re-Vitalize provides an added option.  Re-Vitalize’s goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to better understand their disease and to inspire others to exceed their boundaries. Research proves that attitude or level of self-confidence greatly affects recovery from an illness and treatment outcome.  

Re-Vitalize collaborates with available community programs and focuses on services which are not emphasized by other organizations. We strive to compliment services from other organizations, rather than compete against them.  Examples of such alliance efforts: (1) Community Renewal educational and medical programs for adults and children; (2) Rescue mission’s efforts to re-integrate their clients into an active society.

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