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Diskogenic Pain

Pain in the back or neck only (usually without shooting pain down an arm or leg) may be caused by a disk (hence the term diskogenic pain). To verify this, a procedure can be done (usually by Pain Management physicians) while a patient is awake, where each disk is pressurized, to determine if pain caused is the same as the usual pain a person experiences.

If one or two disks being pressurized clearly reproduce the normal pain a person experiences, then s/he may benefit from immobilization of this disk. We offer minimally invasive techniques, which are superior to the more invasive, longer procedures performed in the past to treat this problem (see "Treatments & Testimonials") – many patients in our experience have needed only one night stay in the hospital (as opposed to 3-5 days in the past, with the bigger, open procedure).

Last Modified: February 9, 2010

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