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Compression fractures often result from osteoporosis (or weakening of the bone); they can also result from trauma (falls, car accidents, etc.). Numerous treatment options have been used in the past – including bedrest, heating pads, back braces, and even screw fusion. Of these fractures, osteoporotic compression fractures (often in elderly females) can be treated by a novel procedure called “kyphoplasty” (see "Treatments and Testimonials"), resulting in almost instant relief in over 90% of patients of various ages including the elderly. This procedure works better the sooner it’s done after a fracture (less than 2 weeks would be ideal), and is thought to work better for osteroporos is related fracture vs. traumatic fracture (although in our experiences we have had success stories in each category). We treat a large number of patients for this problem, and in our experience kyphoplasty appears to work better than vertebroplasty.

Last Modified: March 2, 2010

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