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Hydrocephalus (or water in the head) is a condition where normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is impaired due to an obstruction, and symptoms include headache, visual disturbance or blurry vision, and others. A condition called “normal pressure hydrocephalus” is often seen in the elderly, with the three symptoms of “walking difficulty or balance difficulty, loss of urinary control (urinary incontinence), and dementia (memory problems) – this is important to recognize, since this may be one of the few reversible causes of dementia or memory problems (see Treatments and Testimonals)Other conditions include pseudotumor cerebri (where high pressure is noted in the head as shown by spinal taps, for example), and hydrocephalus resulting from premature birth. Other causes of hydrocephalus include brain tumors, bleeds or intracranial hemorrhage, and infections. Hydrocephalus can be a life-threatening problem, so urgent care is needed many times. In our practice, we have routinely treated this problem for practically all ages.

Last Modified: March 2, 2010

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