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Research and Development

The Interactive Neurosurgery (IN) Network, LLC, is a distinct entity dedicated to research, development, and education in the neurosciences and related fields. It is separate from the clinical arm, The Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network (CNS), LLC. In its distinct role, The IN Network, LLC, partners with community organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and companies to help develop and further knowledge, creativity, and applicability of neuroscience and related fields. Out-of-the-box thinking often times contributes to the next "IN" thing.

Our Mission
To promote research, development, and education in the neurosciences.

Our Goals
Specific goals of the Interactive Neuroscience Center, LLC, include the following areas of interest:

1.  To contribute to the existing body of scientific knowledge through publications, presentations at national and international meetings, and local involvement in the community and region; 

2.  To focus on inventions and research which can be directly and efficiently translated into clinical results in an expeditious fashion;

3.  To conduct and participate in clinical trials which allow new methods and devices to be used for treatment of existing difficult neurological problems;

4. To focus on new treatments of the brain as they are introduced (Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, tremor, epilepsy);  

5.  To focus on new treatments of the spine as they are introduced (minimally invasive surgery, novel implants, artificial spine components, and others).

Clinical Trials Underway

Inventions & Innovations

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