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Seizures affect 3% of us, and 1% of us have epilepsy (or more than one seizure). Seizures or epilepsy can be a problem for several reasons, including inability to drive for several months per state law, inability to keep an unsupervised job many times, and the embarassment associated with having an uncontrolled seizure. Seizures are classified according to whether a portion (partial seizures) or all of the body (generalized seizures) are involved. Also, whether loss of consciousness (complex seizures) or normal consciousness (simple seizures) occur during the seizure is noted. Medications help in two-thirds of epilepsy-suffering patients, and one-third of epilepsy patients may benefit from surgery. Usually, complex partial seizures benefit from surgery, including techniques such as vagus nerve stimulation or temporal lobectomy (see "Treatments & Testimonials" section); several patients have been cured or dramatically aided by our multi-disciplinary approach, which involves multiple physicians in different specialties (neurology, neuroradiology, neuropsychology, in conjunction with our neurosurgery component).

Last Modified: February 9, 2010

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