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Speaker's Bureau

Upcoming Speaking Engagements for Dr. Ravish Patwardhan

Saturday, February 27, 2010 - 8:00 AM
Mid-Winter Conference, Shreveport, LA

Dr. Ravish Patwardhan, a leading neurosurgeon and dynamic speaker, welcomes opportunities to speak on the advances of brain and spine surgery, as well as many other topics.   He frequently speaks at conferences designed for health professionals, medical students, and others.   Through his practice, the Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network, LLC, he provides treatment for neurological disorders of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves, using the latest techniques to perform minimally invasive and highly specialized neurosurgery.  Dr. Patwardhan was the first in North America to perform a novel laser procedure to eradicate a brain tumor, using the Visualase minimally invasive system (Visualase, Inc., Houston).  Combining an access technique he developed through The Interactive Neuroscience Center (LLC), the two companies have since collaborated, and he is both a consultant and vested member with the company.  In October, 2008, Dr. Patwardhan was the first in the world to reroute a nerve for bladder function restoration after a gunshot wound to the spine, a procedure he did in conjunction with pioneering Chinese urologist Dr. Xiao. He is highly skilled and professionally trained in some of the latest neurosurgical techniques, including awake brain mapping and gamma knife radiosurgery.

Dr. Patwardhan has spoken about scientific topics, inspirational topics, and examples he has encountered regarding faith in the workplace.  As a neurosurgeon, he sees people engaged in a daily battle of tragedy and triumph—fear, restlessness, hurt and despair overcome by reality, miracles and grace.  He believes that “trials of those of us who become ’patients‘ in life’s perpetual clinic exemplify our character and values, revealing what we truly believe.”  Through his patients and their respective families, Dr. Patwardhan has discovered the impact of faith in the workplace.   His presentations are filled with remarkable stories that illustrate how the science interplays with the human condition, moving patients beyond fear and worry, sadness and hurt, and dying and death.  His inspirational message is one of faith, hope and love, exemplified by his patients in the backdrop of neurosurgery.

For additional information on Dr. Patwardhan, speaking topics and availability contact Debra Lindsey, and click here for a speaker kit..

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